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Fear Everything

by The Flaming Tsunamis

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released September 30, 2006

recorded summer 2006 with Jake Goldman in New Haven, CT.



all rights reserved


The Flaming Tsunamis New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: The Ritalin Conspiracy
False symptoms, disease created
here we stand, one nation sedated

avoiding life in favor of sedation, but now i'm so numb
i am too focused on perfection
you created our disease, treated the affliction
then you reap the profit, addiction


bad science for false clients makes for your compliance

there is absolutely nothing wrong with us
Track Name: Bird-Watching and Vice Versa
I'm the next best thing to TV.
Sedate her with ritalin
I'll play with your daughter while you work and fuck your assistant
I can only shit when you say, eat when you say and i'll piss when you say but today is the day i don't have to obey

back in your cage

today, you are the animal. Today, you are the animal. Decay, ripping out all your entrails. you are the enemy, we are no the animals.

think you're watching me? no, i'm watching you. Think you're so clever i know what you're gonna do.
waiting patiently as our numbers grew.
think binoculars are gonna save you?
we're up in the trees we're gonna shit on your head
up in your room we're gonna shit on your bed.
It's a damn shame you can't hear a word i said.
at the end of the day, you're gonna be dead

watching, waiting, attack, attack their eyes, aim for the eyes

stop watching me!
Track Name: Corpse Disposal For Dummies
Gave up what i wanted for what i thought i needed
now all i have today, these words to fill the silence.
try to convince myself all i've lost are bad intentions
choke out any chance of the truth come to surface
there's a spot in the basement, gonna need more bricks and mortar

we carry the dead out of town
they won't stay in the ground

we need more bricks

the dead won't stay in the ground, that's ok we like them around

hard work will seal the corpse in, no one will be the wiser
stench comes back to haunt you, gonna need more bricks and mortar
ten layers towards salvation, all that's left is dreams forgotten
as false as red brick walls as dead as what's behind them
oh god, it never stops, gonna need more bricks and mortar
Track Name: Fear Everything
harvest the petroleum
harvest the plutonium
refine, refine, refine, refine, kill everything
refine, refine, refine, refine, kill everything.

our system, our civilization
supreme system, man's best creation
no society is as right as ours
level it all, level it all, level it all, level it all
their corpses line the street, we made their cities fall.
level it all, level it all, level it all, level it all, as cities fall.

then we bring in our bulldozer, push the bones and charred flesh into landfills.
we can start a new civilization, our own people, our own culture.

homogenize the earth the earth so no matter where you go, you're in america.

That is only step one, fuck diversity. think of all the money that can be made for the children, store all the freedom for the future generations. fuck the earth, fuck nature, fuck everyone who's not american.

Join us, freedom is calling.
pray for our blessed president
we don't need any evidence
join us, god's on our side.
Track Name: The Great Red Cross Robbery
Robbing blood banks was never my style
but when it's life or death it makes it worth your while.
drinking death for life, a strange proposition
hope you never find yourself in my position
stomach don't feel so good, when it's full of blood
new habits live hard, kill them if i could

filing down your teeth, painful way to stop it
hunger kills inside, there's no way to block it
left to rot outside, its either me or them
i'm not dying here, a knife will break the skin

the future ain't what it used to be
now i'm trapped inside this glass city
after all these years i never thought that we'd be doomed to see midnight eternity

don't throw up now, you made it this far
keep your stomach down for another hour
wandering the streets, hate what i have done
hate that you're not here and what i've become

red cross robbery, greatest of the century
Track Name: If You Really Love Me
Baby baby, this might seem kinda crazy
but lately you don't get my pulse racing
you used to get my blood pumping
but in my mind there is something
no it's nothing you said.
but the only cure is inside your head

i know you're in there, i know you're in there.

If you really love me, let me eat your brains
if you really love me, let me cause you pain

closer than ever together we'll eat each others brains
dining forever our love will never be the same
small price to pay to escape romantic atrophy
one big bite and you'll be just like me

i know you're in there, i know you're in there

if you really love me, let me ear your brains
if you really love me, let me cause you pain

I know you're in there, i can smell your brains
i know you're in there, i can smell your brains
Track Name: The First Rule
tonight you have lost all your friends
lives to defend, make our amends
tonight we will get our revenge.


There's more of us than you.
we'll make an army out of the few
cause if you've got one then we've got two of us who won't back down
we'll take this fight to another round
this cause was lost but it can be found


you have never seen an army like this
we are not afraid to use broken fists
you have never seen an army like this
we laugh at you and your weakness
Track Name: Satan v. The United States of America
Satan you have been charged with the following crimes against humanity.
Distrust among friends, corruption of innocence
destruction of morality, perversion of integrity
hatred in society, how do you plead?

I, I plead not guilty, not guilty.
I took no part, it's your greed, human greed.

Why is it, that you're after me?
Is it because that you yourself can't see
all of the pain that you put your friends through?
far more offensive than anything I would do
i've been on vacation since day one.
I let you guys go out and have all the fun.
I like my mischief every now and then
but you're the ones responsible for how it's been.
I wish i could take credit for this mess you're in.

ALL RISE. Jury, how do you find the defendant on the following charges?
Distrust among friends, corruption of innocence
destruction of morality, perversion of integrity
hatred in society
and the verdict will be?

The devil is dead, evil is dead.
Track Name: World of Chaos
Maybe some time tomorrow, we'll forget all our sorrow.
We'll beg and steal and borrow what we need to feel OK.
this time i Know my love is real.
do you feel this thing I feel?
why in God's name do you have to up and leave today?

Welcome to our world of chaos, a world where the only choice you have to make is between channel A and channel B
a world where the fortunate ones are born without a fortune or a future.
we're taught that time plus money plus perseverance equals security, but what is security when all we're really after is our own star on the god damn walk of mediocrity.

kill your mind, now you're mine

welcome to our world of chaos, if you wanna listen then you have to pay us
i got everything in the world to say just, sit down listen fucking obey us

kill your mind, now you're mine

time to settle for distraction, progress progress make it happen.
Apathy takes over the whole world collapses then.
what are we left but our own satisfaction.
but who are we to be satisfied when our desires are seen through someone else's eyes
I think it's time for you and I to stop standing for sitting down
take it back cause it's our fucking town.
stand your ground
Track Name: Bennett Brauer
Not the Norm, scare small children.

so what if i popped my whiteheads with a compass that i used in grade school?

sweat profusely, don't own a tooth brush
Track Name: Weaug, Teaug, Peaug (The Powder of Life)
He had a voice that could echo.
I have a mind for the street.
Hearts full of so much horizon, we had them beat.
I wouldn't call it surrender, to break down from this heat.
Long rides hard nights alone
you bought us a lead
But I know the truth it is, a simple easy answer.
you fought when they pulled you in to return you to your master
So i'll try to pick up the slack on my end
and i'll do the work of two men, and i won't ever bend.