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Zombies Vs. Robots!

by The Flaming Tsunamis

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released July 1, 2004



all rights reserved


The Flaming Tsunamis New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: Refuse To Die
maybe your opinion is exactly what i needed
yeah maybe you were always right
under the impression that i'm easily defeated
but i don't need you
so i wipe your tears put em back in your face
drop kick your pedestal get back in your place
the things you say to me are way out of line
and i know you'd like to help me but you're wasting your time because

i'm not broken i don't need to be fixed
and your pity your stares are making me sick
if my life leaves a bad taste in your mouth just spit it out, spit it out

people like to think that they're pretty damn important yeah people like thinking they're right
people like to tell me that i need a new direction but i like what i do with my life
and don't back down if you know what you're doing is right
i told you not to push it, your footsteps lead to bullshit and i don't need your advice
feel it in your stomach and feel it in your heart that you know what you're doing is right
i hope you never listen and i hope you never get it and i hope you never take their advice

i don't need you
Track Name: Zombies Vs. Robots!
I rise from the grave when the dead start to walk
and i grab zombie dave and say it's time to rock
we zombies are hungry and we're gonna stalk,
the robots are coming our way
we attack in a pack with razor sharp teeth
and we bite and we hack but they don't taste like beef
oil thirsty zombies won't taste defeat
because we're forever at war

fighting and fighting and fighting we fight!

we came from the year 2135
with our hard metal gear and our lazer beam eyes
proton packs flowing, zombies won't be knowing
we'll take them undead or alive
we'll blow off their faces and rip off their limbs
at only ten paces their chance looks real slim
we're programmed to kill zombies on sight
and we don't ask why
Track Name: Opus
take back your life as your own.

i won't fear change.