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This song was written during a time where reproductive rights and gay marriage were under attack. At the time I’m writing this it appears that gay marriage is in a “toothpaste is out of the tube” moment where it will inevitably become a nationwide right within the next 10 years or less. Unfortunately things have only gotten worse for reproductive rights in the united states and attacks on the right to choose are frequent and sometimes gaining traction. This song represents one of my biggest missteps in lyric writing. I was attempting to merge the two issues to show the commonality as well as present them as a human rights issue, and thus if anyone was human and listening to the song they would realize that even if it didn’t effect them, it should be an issue they care about. I do still believe in the intersectionality of these issues but I worry that with the song written from the first person of a straight, white, cissexual male, it runs the risk of coopting the movement for myself while drowning out other voices of individuals who are directly affected by these injustices. It is important for those of us who would consider ourselves allies in these causes to amplify the voices of those in the fight, not become the voices, in that regard I do believe I have failed here. When this song was written it felt like we were at a high point of championing the “I don’t give a fuck” willful ignorance mentality in the Connecticut music scene as well as the nationwide scene from what I had witnessed, which is about the least cool thing I could think of. I wanted to write a song that was very blatantly political, not shrouded in horror imagery, I wanted to make sure there was no mistaking the political agenda of the lyrics but I believe the end result was lyrics that were too on-the-nose to be taken seriously as well as lacking the nuances necessary to effectively explore this topic.


we want our bodies to be our own
no sale, no rent, no loan
we want our bodies off the shelf
no corporate intrest, just ourselves
a blind army defending life's sanctity
to self righteous, unable to see
forcing birth is punishment
against the life you pretend to respect

we want our bodies, we want our bodies, we want our bodies to be our own
not anybody's, not anybody's, not anybody's to control

we emotion without chains
no laws, no rules, no restraint
we want our love life to be free
on demand without appology

we want our bodies, we want our bodies, we want our bodies to be our own
not anybody's, not anybody's, not anybody's to control

on demand without appology
no subjected to the whim of the majority
on demand without appology
hatred should never be public policy


from Externalities, released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


The Flaming Tsunamis New Haven, Connecticut

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