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The Animal Factory

from by The Flaming Tsunamis



This song was written about the increasingly more fucked up prison-industrial complex. Specifically about how it, like capitalism, require infinite growth to remain profitable and viable. Unfortunately this means finding new and more creative ways to imprison people, typically people of color, as a means of expanding and keeping prisons full. Often that results in expanding the unwinnable and overall laughable war on drugs. The system also relies on repeat offenders and thus is in it’s best interest not to reform or rehabilitate, but to churn out repeat offenders with a high recidivism rate. In my very brief experience in this system, I learned that it was not about teaching someone that what they did was wrong, but about making them figure out a way to not get caught next time. Prison creates such an atmosphere that it is likely if you weren’t a criminal going on, you certainly would be going out. It’s a common joke in movies and television that prison is the place you go to get raped and beaten by convicts. Aside from the fact that these things are clearly not good to joke about, this creates a mentality of only the strong survive and you must do fucked up things to maintain your rank in the pecking order.


choking out humanity
arrested for minor offenses, thrown in cages naked and defenseless
replace hope with insanity
it doesn't matter who is to blame, behind these doors we become the same

what have you turned me in to?

in here, it doesn't take very long
you can't protect yourself, against infection against the greed
no where to run, kill or be killed, modern day slavery
they want us confused and scared SHUT UP!

prison does not (no) and it never will
protect our interest
burn them all down
follow the profit, see where it goes

what have you turned me in to?


from Externalities, released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


The Flaming Tsunamis New Haven, Connecticut

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