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Walking Graves

from by The Flaming Tsunamis



I wanted to write a song the explored the mentality that is used to justify the consumption of animal products despite the fact that doing so causes immense pain and suffering in the world. In the years since the band has stopped touring extensively I have gotten further involved in vegan activism and have spent a considerable amount of time touring with a non-profit, educating the public about the inherent cruelty in animal agriculture. I have had literally thousands of one-on-one conversations with individuals about going vegan and the obstacles they face when doing so. By far one of the most common objections brought up is “but it tastes good”. I’ll be the first to admit that meat tastes good. As someone who used to regularly eat five pounds of chicken wings at my favorite junk food spot, would get quad stackers from Burger King and would put bacon on everything, meat used to be my favorite food. I didn’t give it up because I didn’t like the taste though. I gave it up because my eyes were opened to the horrors that had to occur for me to get that meat on my plate. At it’s core, saying “but it tastes good” is an argument that says because something is pleasing to an individual that that makes it morally acceptable. Certainly with any other of our five senses we wouldn’t accept such a justification. For instance, we don’t let someone justify rape because sex feels good. We don’t let someone justify robbing an innocent person because it feels good to get free stuff. Yet, with our taste buds, we let this slide. Why? We live in a society that so normalizes the oppression of non-human animals that their suffering is invisible to us. We classify the issue of eating animal products as a mere matter of “personal choice”, forgetting that such a personal choice means the death of another individual. If you haven’t taken the time to look into what happens in animal agriculture, the information is readily available online. I know it can seem daunting at first, but there is no one single action you can take that will have such a positive effect for the animals, for our planet, for human rights and for our health as going vegan. You can do it, trust me.


eight weeks, trapped in the mountain
no food, no one around us
cannot bear another week this
appetite is craving weakness
satisfaction, we dare not speak up
but we seak it

never thought we would taste so good
oh god, just a little taste, oh god, til we leave this place

it's been eight weeks since we got home
we crave that flesh that no one knows
taste so good, i must propose
in factories, we'll start to grow
human flesh, mass produced
human flesh, to consume
(you're gonna taste so good)
slit the throat, it tastes so good
bleed to death, it tastes so good
raised for murder
it tastes so good

together we share this guilt
suppress the thought of life we've killed
congradulations we knew that you could
we all murder because it tastes good
the burden of taste


from Externalities, released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved


The Flaming Tsunamis New Haven, Connecticut

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